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Why RTOs Use 360RTO’s Professional Recruitment Services

RTOs want to get the best candidates to fill their team – but many RTO owners or mangers do not have either the tools or time to find the right candidates.  They either struggle to fill their roles, or just settle for a “less than ideal” candidate leading to problems later on.  360RTO Solutions management team has over a decade experience in running and establishing RTOs, and understanding intimately what RTOs need in terms of staffing and compliance.

Below are a few reasons why so many TAFEs and RTOs use 360RTO Recruitment Services to find their RTO staff, managers, and trainers:

  1. Access thousands of VET, teaching, and training professionals that you would never normally reach
  2. Powerful job briefs capture critical requirements taken to ensure the right match for your RTO
  3. Save thousands of $ per year in wasted job advertisements and recruiting costs
  4. Powerful recruitment agency tools seek and find great candidates fast
  5. Expert, RTO-only recruiters with comprehensive VET knowledge screen candidates, conduct interviews, and create shortlists of best candidates
  6. Highly structured interviews to ensure candidates can do the job intended
  7. Sound knowledge of the National Standards for RTOs and VET industry to properly assess candidate’s suitability
  8. Comprehensive end-to-end RTO recruitment specialists