Australia’s Leading VET Specialist in RTO/VET Staff and Trainer Recruitment

  • Massive RTO/VET professional and trainer’s database
  • Solid understanding of VET industry and staff requirements
  • FREE Qualification verifications (for Search + Package upwards)

Flexible, Affordable RTO/VET Recruitment Packages – Starting at just $1490
(save $1000 off ANY PACKAGE* with Exclusive VELG Voucher)

  1. RTO Attract Package
    • Cost Effective Shortlist Service + Professional
    advertising + resume filtering – basic screening + shortlist
  2. RTO Search Plus Package
    • Premium Screening and Shortlist + Professional
    advertising – full Australian database search – candidate
    outreach + basic screening and phone interviews +
  3. RTO On-Hire (Traditional) Recruitment
    • Comprehensive, End-to-End Recruitment – employing
    premium recruitment tools, multiple Australian
    databases, and candidate outreach – until you have the
    right candidate

*Voucher expires 31st October 2018. And can only be used against standard Recruitment Packages rates and pricing. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.

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