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Fully Compliant, Qualified Trainers and Assessors

360RTO Solutions is an Australian-owned BPO and RTO service agency specialising in recruitment and development of highly skilled trainers and assessors specifically for Australian Registered Training Organisations. We use our years of experience in RTO ownership and management to find and develop the best job candidates for training and assessment work. Reduce your training and assessing overheads by recruiting a team of fully qualified and compliant trainers and assessors for your RTO now!

Why Recruit Fully Qualified and Compliant Trainers and Assessors through 360RTO?

360RTO is a labour recruitment agency and RTO service provider specialising in finding and developing teams of fully qualified and compliant trainers and assessors to deliver training services remotely. We will recruit a team of qualified, compliant training and assessment professionals for your RTO, able to provide remote/online training delivery and other services at an affordable rate.

It’s your choice how you deploy your new team of online training and assessment professionals. They care support your RTO and students through:

  • Assessing work
  • Online training
  • Inbound or outbound phone and email support

Our RTO trainer and assessor recruitment and development processes are proven to work. At our last clients’ audit, every trainer and assessor was deemed 100% compliant with Australian and ASQA training regulations, both in terms professional currency and relevant qualifications.

How Will Recruitment of a Remote Training Team Benefit Your RTO?

A great deal of training delivery in Australia is already done online. Hiring your new team of dedicated remote/online trainers and assessors will allow you to explore many new possibilities for your RTO. The benefits of reduced cost of delivery are obvious, but we’ve found other RTOs are able to achieve amazing results for their students when they can have more trainers on staff with the same budget. It means you can:

  • Free your Australian trainers from time consuming tasks – for example, move time consuming assessing work to your Manila so your Australian team can spend more time in higher value (and your Australian trainers will likely say more enjoyable) classroom based training.
  • Massively reduce your RTO’s assessment queues – get the raw manpower you need to keep your assessment queues as short as possible. In some cases, our RTO partners have reduced assessment queues from 2+ months to under a week.
  • Increase hours of support per student – give your students the trainer time they need to finish their course.
  • Foster innovation at your RTO – free up your Australian team to focus on implementing new projects, products and procedures that will enhance your RTO, and gain fresh perspectives on problems from your energetic Manila team.
  • Hit your contract KPIs – many private and Government funding contracts come with a range of terms and conditions attached. As the Australian vocational training industry evolves, it’s likely these will become even more difficult to achieve so you must have the resources in place to ensure you can fulfil them.
  • Add extra student services like webinars – have the training capacity to run high value services like after-hours webinars to help more of your students complete their training.
  • Keep your students happy and keep them coming back – training and education is one of the most difficult products for customers to engage with and consume. Ensure they have a great experience with your RTO so you win both word-of-mouth referral customers, and repeat business from previous students.

Recruit the Best Trainers and Assessors for your RTO with 360RTO Solutions

Training is the heart and soul of any RTO. 360RTO focuses on recruitment of only the best training and assessment job candidates for your RTO. Rather than just putting “bodies in seats”, our focus is always on recruiting the right job candidates; training them the right way; and remaining compliant with the Australian Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

You cannot go to another BPO organisation or RTO recruitment agency and request these premium offshore recruitment services:

  • Other BPOs do not have the expertise in RTO operations, experience earned by our managers through years of owning and operating Australian RTOs.
  • Other RTO recruitment agencies do not have the experience and resources in-place in Manila to hire and onboard a compliant training and assessment team.

Job Candidate Selection & Recruitment Process

With high literacy rates, widespread English use, and over 12 million people in the Metro Manila area alone, the Philippines is a great location to source skilled labour. We have found it easy to find highly educated, literate and experienced degree-qualified candidates perfectly suited to work as qualified Australian vocational trainers and assessors.

With our systems and processes already in place, it is simple to recruit and bring your team of trainers and assessors up to speed with the Australian-style of VET, get them fully qualified to Australian standards, and round out their skill sets to provide the best level of support and training for your students.

We provide continuous professional development activities and support your staff to pursue other training activities, ensuring your trainers are constantly improving and providing better and better service to your customers.

Advanced RTO-Specific Job Training

Everyone on your training and assessment team will be fully trained and qualified by TAE professionals with up to 20 years training experience. We go far beyond the bare minimum, instead investing the time and developing a fully rounded trainer and assessor who will be a real asset to your Registered Training Organisation.

Your team of trainers and assessors go through extensive training in customer service, team development and productivity. Of course, they will also complete custom-designed training modules to bring them up to speed with your RTO’s operations, systems, policies, procedures, resolutions, and time frames.

Strong, Experienced Organisational Training Culture

We all know it is not enough to qualify someone as a VET trainer and put them in front of a class of students. You must have an experienced training team around them who can support their ongoing learning and development as trainers, and managers who have the ability, knowledge and authority to manage the team. 360RTO Solutions has already developed that culture in the Manila office, and has the assets in place in Manila and Australia to operate a high quality, compliant training team.

Ongoing Monitoring and Assessment of Your Training Team Post-Recruitment

After recruitment and training, your team of trainers and assessors will be continuously monitored and assessed to ensure a continuing focus on quality control. They will undergo monthly management assessments, including silent call listening, coaching, professional development, and pre- and post-validation of assessments to ensure quality and compliance for your RTO.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Some people are naturally exceptional at keeping students happy, but we want EVERYONE on your team to provide that level of service. Our customer service training systems are proven to work, demonstrated by our RTO customer’s student satisfaction ratings.

When we compared two teams – one who has undergone our training programs and one who has not – the variability of service delivery shocked us.

  • The team without customer care training had satisfaction ratings as low as 79%! That means 1 out of 5 customers were NOT happy with the service they received from the trainer.
  • The team with customer care training achieved a MINIMUM 94% satisfaction rating – just 1 in 20 customers had an issue with the trainers’ service.

The potential  to have 75% less dissatisfied students? It’s an easy choice for us. We put all your trainers and assessors through customer satisfaction and customer care training to ensure your students are happy.

Distance is No Impediment to Training Delivery

A significant proportion of training and assessing work is now done online. It perfectly suits the needs of many students who are working full time or living in an area where it’s difficult to access classroom-style training services. In fact, many students prefer the ability to work at their own pace and learn from resources like pre-recorded webinars and instructional videos when they want.

Our clients have been successful at delivering Australian training services all over the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to expats and foreign nationals alike. It only makes sense to take advantage of the freedom from geographical restrictions to reduce your costs and improve your training delivery too.

This process has already occurred in most other industries and is currently happening in other Australian RTOs. Stay ahead of the industry and find new efficiencies now to secure the future of your RTO and deliver the best possible service to your students now.

360RTO Solutions will streamline and simply the entire setup and recruitment process for you. We are already set up to handle recruitment, provide office space and manage your team so you can enjoy all the benefits without the hassles, years of start up time and massive investments required to establish a similar operation yourself.

Few, if any, other BPO/recruitment services in the world can deliver this level of training and service. Most will simply not understand the compliance challenges or ignore the, leaving your RTO vulnerable to non-compliance at audit and loss of registration.

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