Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC43015) Learning and Assessment Tools Bundle

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Get a complete Assessment Tools and Learner Guide package for the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support from 360RTO Solutions!

This CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support learning resources bundle comes complete with:

  • Learner Guides – contains learning content for students to study, supersedes the need for additional textbooks
  • Assessment Workbooks – fully mapped and written to meet the training package requirements, plus provide good learning experience for your students
  • Assessor Guides – include comprehensive assessment benchmarks for assessors to assess against and additional mapping notes
  • Simulated Workplace Resources (accessed online) – including the “extra” workplace files your students need to complete the qualification
  • Mapping Documents – record of where all training package requirements are found in the workbooks; essential for day to day compliance and especially at audit
  • Dedicated Vocational Placement Workbook – contains all assessment tasks to be completed during placement
  • Vocational Placement Coordination Kit – tools and documentation to fulfil your obligations in setting up compliant and safe placements for your students
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Training and Assessment Resources for the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Train, deliver, and assess the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support with this bundle package from 360RTO Solutions!

It includes high-quality RTO resources that will let you train and assess students in the competencies included in the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support. The resources were designed to comply with the Australian standard on RTO materials, with properly mapped assessment tools and easy to understand learner guides. The bundle is good for 18 units of competency.

Having mapped assessment tools for the CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support allows your RTO to assess the competencies included in the qualification with the appropriate evidence gathering methods.

The learner guide meanwhile is written in easy to understand textbook format so that students from your RTO can better grasp the topic they are studying. Its quality contents match the assessment tools to help them understand and complete their assessments and eventually gain their qualification.

CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support Unit Structure

Resources in this package are written in a clustered format. Clustering can significantly reduce the workload required from the students, so they have the chance to progress faster and complete the qualification sooner. It also reduces the assessment workload on your trainers and saves your RTO’s money, while still achieving the required learning outcomes.

Unlimited Student License!

Pay only once and be able to deliver to and assess as many students as you want!

The Assessment Tools and Learner Guide bundle comes with Unlimited Student License, and with no additional per student charge.

You may give out reprinted copies of the Assessment Tools and Learner Guide to as many students as you want or have them uploaded in your RTO’s student portal, where students can download them on their own devices.

Simulated Virtual Workplace for Learners with No Access to a Workplace

Getting this bundle also gives you access to Simulated Business Resources. Students from your RTO can easily access it online for simulated workplace assessments that will help them complete their courses.

Through the Simulated Business Resources, students will be able to study their course, even if they don’t have actual workplaces, or if confidentiality concerns in their current workplaces prevent them from accessing the documents.

Each of your students will be given a unique code that they can use to access the Simulated Business Resources site. You can request more as your RTO’s student population grows and no ongoing fees will apply. The codes are good for 12 months from the first login.

The Virtual Workplace Resources site cannot fulfil the vocational placement requirement, but does simplify your course delivery.

Dedicated Vocational Skills Workbook

This Vocational Skills Workbook is designed so ALL mandatory vocational placement assessments can be seen in just ONE workbook. This way, your students won’t have to bring a separate workbook for each unit to the aged care facility. It also distinguishes the competencies the students can complete in the classroom or at home, and what needs to be demonstrated while doing placement.

CHC43015 Vocational Placement Coordination Kit

Vocational placement is required from learners who do not have access to a relevant workplace, and your RTO must provide assistance in setting them up and running for compliant work placements. This kit will include:

  • Vocational Placement Agreement – written agreement to be signed by student, Vocational Placement provider and your RTO, stating each party’s obligation during the student’s placement
  • Vocational Placement Coordinator Info – guide to organising, supporting and documenting vocational placements to be used by your RTO’s placement coordinator; includes Incident/Injury Report Forms
  • Vocational Placement Provider/Supervisor Info – guide to processes, responsibilities, costs & benefits, liaising with the RTO, and other information to be used by the VP provider/workplace supervisor; also includes Incident/Injury Report Forms
  • Vocational Placement Student Info – guide to finding a placement, responsibilities, demonstrating skills during placement, and other information for the student; includes Incident/Injury Report Forms

Developer, Licensing & Support

This CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support training resource was written and is maintained by Compliant Learning Resources, and sold under an agreement with 360RTO Solutions. Licensing and support for these materials will be provided by Compliant Learning Resources.

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