LLN Assessment Tool

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Get your generic LLN assessment tool suitable for use in Australian RTOs to assess student Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills up to Australian Core Skills Framework Level 3&4!

This LLN Assessment Tool Kit may include:

  • LLN Assessment Workbook
  • LLN Assessor Guide
  • LLN Welcome Pack

Your new LLN Assessment Kit is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license, so you are free to assess RPL for as many students as you want in your RTO!

LLN assessments are a vital tool to help RTOs determine if learners are adequately equipped to study a qualification, and identify students who will need additional support in order to complete their training. This LLN tool includes a range of questions and activities so you can assess the writing, spelling, comprehension, numeracy, literacy and visual comprehension abilities of your students pre or post enrolment. It is suitable to assess learners up to ACSF level 3.

Your LLN Assessment Tool includes:

  • LLN Assessment Workbook – includes writing, spelling, comprehension, numeracy, literacy and visual comprehension assessments for your students
  • LLN Assessor Guide – includes assessment benchmarks for your assessors to evaluate students to ACSF standards 3 & 4
  • LLN Welcome Pack – to help you set up and co-brand your LLN Assessment Tools, and begin assessing LLN

This resource will be delivered in digital format (Word documents) and is fully editable so you can update and modify assessments as required for your purposes.

 Note: LLN Tools Varies for Each Qualification

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