BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills RTO Training Resources

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This training resources package may include:

  • Learner Assessment Workbooks
  • Learner Resources
  • Assessor Assessment Workbooks
  • Trainer Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Access to Simulated Business resources
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VET Training Resources for BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills

You can now purchase a full set of RTO training and learning materials for the national vocational education and training unit, BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills. This ready to use package includes the essential resources your RTO needs to provide training for this nationally accredited unit as part of a qualification or as a stand-alone product, all delivered to your RTO hassle-free.

360RTO Solutions and our partner course developers will give your RTO premium training resources that are comprehensive, student-friendly, and effective in teaching your students the critical skills and knowledge they need to pursue new job roles, or enhance their current careers.

This training resource package comes with the following:

  • Unlimited Student License – No limit to the number of students you can train and assess
  • Learner Assessment Workbooks – includes assessment activities your students and learners will undertake
  • Learning Materials – includes the resources your students will use to study
  • Trainer Guide – includes helpful information about the unit for your training and assessment team
  • Assessor Assessment Workbooks – includes benchmark answers for your training and assessment team
  • PowerPoint Slides – for supplementary use when you wish to deliver Face to Face workshops or Online webinars as part of your course
  • Access to Simulated Business Resources – so you can provide documents such as templates, policies, procedures to help your students complete course requirements that need workplace resources

RTO Learning Materials for BSBCMM101 Unit

This learning materials package covers the resources your RTO will need to deliver a single unit of competency. Training resources included in this package may be used to provide training for the BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills either in a VET qualification/course, a skill set, or as an individual unit.

This unit may delivered as part of a nationally accredited qualification. If you wish to deliver a VET course or skill set that includes the BSBCMM101 unit and its materials and resources, you can enquire now for a complete set of qualification and training materials for your RTO.

This VET resources package includes training materials for a single unit of competency, BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills. Using these RTO materials, you can deliver this UOC as an individual unit, as part of a skill set, or as a core or elective unit in a qualification. This unit of competency is also included as part of some qualification packages sold by our resource publisher, so check our other training materials for sale if you need a full set of learning resources to deliver your course.

Performance criteria, knowledge evidence, assessment conditions and other information on this unit from the national training register can be found here – BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills.

Student License

This package comes with a license to provide training and assessment for unlimited students for this unit. All learners of your RTO may be given access to learner guides and assessment tools and materials with no add-on costs.

Simulated Resources for Workplace Requirements

Training materials and assessment tools for the BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills unit includes a Simulated Business intranet site. This is a virtual workplace that comes with resources that your learners and trainers may use to deliver this individual unit of competency or full qualification.

Our simulated workplace comes with industry templates and forms, policies and procedures, client files, case studies, meeting minute, and other helpful documents for learners who may not have access to a real workplace.

This allows your RTO to:

  • Train more students including those not currently employed in Australia
  • Fast track training delivery by removing the need for learners to gain approval from their workplace to use their policies and other documents

Develop Support and Licensing

This is BSBCMM101 Apply basic communication skills learning resources package is written and maintained by our trusted resource publisher. Licensing and support for this unit of competency will be provided by our resource publisher in partnership with 360RTO Solutions.

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