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360RTO provides complete training and consulting services in Sydney and New South Wales for Registered Training Organisations. Our RTO consultants help manage RTO compliance and support new RTOs with hassle-free RTO registration.

Our Sydney RTO Consultants are here to help. If you have any questions on how to meet your compliance requirements or would like to discuss your RTO’s specific needs, simply call us today at +61 2 8311 9682 to enquire now.

Sydney Address: 360RTO is located at Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney, NSW.
Phone: +61 2 8311 9682
Email: [email protected]

Our expert team has extensive experience in RTO management and offer RTO consulting services, including:

RTO Audit and Audit Rectification – Ensure Complete Compliance

Compliance is essential for the growth of all RTOs. To ensure your compliance, our RTO auditors will help you prepare and pass one of the biggest challenges faced by RTOs.

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RTO Audit and Audit Rectification Services include:

  • A complete audit using ASQA’s latest audit model and process
  • Multiple onsite visits or a remote web conference with an Audit expert
  • Coaching key staff
  • A review of training and assessment strategies, policies, procedures, ongoing compliance, and quality assurance documents
  • A full audit report with rectification recommendations for complete compliance

RTO Registration – Become an RTO in Sydney and NSW

360RTO Solutions will teach and guide you on how to become an RTO in Sydney – hassle-free and at half the cost and time.

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All RTO Registration Packages include:

  • Overview of the registration process and requirements
  • Planning and submission guide for your application
  • Detailed instructions on critical RTO documents and procedures
  • Training for the initial RTO auditing process
  • Completion of registration paperwork for submission

Assessment Validation and Post-Assessment Validation

Compliant training materials are critical for RTO compliance. 360RTO will validate your assessment tools and student submissions to ensure they meet ASQA and training package requirements.

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RTO Assessment Validation Services include:

  • Mapping the client’s learning resource against our training package requirements and the Standards for RTOs 2015 to identify possible compliance gap
  • Assessing the materials for an optimized user experience
  • Provide a holistic assessment of the resource quality
  • Recommendations on ideal resources for the RTO
  • Provide solutions for recommended rectifications

Course Development

Our expert Learning Resources Developers will create for you complete qualifications that are fully compliant to ASQA and training package requirements.

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RTO Course Development Products include:

  • Learner guides
  • Tools for assessment
  • Strategy for training and assessment
  • Consultation with industry experts
  • Session plans
  • Well-developed units/course subjects, and course delivery slides

RTO Policies and Procedures

Get custom-made and fully compliant policies and procedures to support your RTO systems and operations, or purchase existing and ready-to-use documents and templates for your RTO.

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RTO Policies and Procedures Products and Services include:

  • Assessing and improving current RTO policies and procedures
  • Writing custom policies and procedures that suit your RTO
  • Ready-to-use RTO policies and procedures

RTO Recruitment Agency and Staffing

Find the right person for any RTO role, the first time around. We have more than 2 decades of human resources and organizational management skills to ensure you recruit the best candidates for your team.

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RTO Recruitment Services include:

  • Screening of applicants
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Providing shortlists with the best candidates
  • Recruitment

360RTO is committed to giving the best services to RTOs and help them succeed. If you aspire to be a successful RTO, call us!

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