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RTO Audit Services

360RTO Solutions provides a range of RTO audit services to Australian RTOs to help ensure your RTO’s compliance with the national standards, and make sure you are well prepared for your next ASQA audit, or the next audit by your state regulatory or funding body. Healthy RTOs conduct regular internal audits of their RTO’s systems, processes, and evidence against the regulatory standards to ensure robust compliance, and to reduce critical risks such as RTO sanctions or deregistration.

360RTO can conduct an RTO internal audit for your registered training organisation anywhere in Australia against the National Standards for RTOs, CRICOS and ELICOS framework, or various other state regulatory frameworks, skills programs, of funding bodies.

Let us assist with preparation for your next ASQA audit or TACWA/VRQA audit – and have an experienced 360RTO auditor conduct an audit of your RTO beforehand in preparation – or have us site during your audit to help you through the audit process.

360RTO Solutions has years of experience with many audits and is perfectly equipped to help your RTO with:

  • Audit Preparation
  • Audit Advice
  • On-the-Day Assistance

Remote or On-site Internal RTO Compliance Audit Service

Get a comprehensive remote audit (anywhere in Australia), or on-site RTO compliance audit (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth) of your Registered Training Organisation systems and processes in order to find non-compliances before ASQA’s auditors do!

Your experienced 360RTO auditor will meet with relevant stakeholders in your RTO to gather evidence and review your systems, processes, and evidence against the National Standards for RTOs (and/or other relevant regulatory framework).  This includes a desk audit, live interview with your 360RTO auditor, and includes a complete review of your policies and procedures, ongoing compliance documents, trainer profiles, training and assessment strategies, and other evidence to ensure you are compliant.

Our custom audit tools and checklists are based on ASQA’s present audit model and process, and will ensure a robust review to help identify problems and solutions for any compliance gaps that may arise.

After the audit of your RTO completed – you will receive an audit report with the findings, plus simple, yet comprehensive rectification recommendationsYour RTO consultant delivery your audit report live, and discuss any non-compliance found and suggest rectification strategies.  If required, 360RTO can also assist you with rectifying the non-compliances identified in your audit report.

A professional, internal audit of your RTO’s compliance is your opportunity to have a “practice run” and familiarise yourself and your team with the ASQA audit process, and likely findings before the real thing.

ASQA Audit Preparation, Coaching & On-Site Assistance at ASQA Audit

Get professional audit preparation from 360RTO Solutions before your next ASQA audit, so you are fully prepared and able to demonstrate evidence of full compliance with the Standards for RTOs on audit day! Contact 360RTO Solutions today for assistance with a wide range of RTO audit services to help you achieve compliance at your next ASQA, TAC, VRQA, of other regulatory body audit first time – and with minimum stress and worry.

Our Audit Experts will prepare your RTO for most audits – including ASQA audits, CRICOS and ELICOS audits, new registration or re-registration audits, funding audits, and others – delivering you a simple, yet comprehensive and actionable audit report.  Get prepared for your next audit with 360RTO!

Why Get Help With Your Next ASQA Audit?

Your RTO will go through multiple ASQA audits over the years – including initial registration audit, post-initial registration audit, re-registration audits, compliance audits, CRICOS audits, and addition to scope audits – as ASQA (or your state regulator) continually ensures your organisation is able to demonstrate full compliance with the Standards for RTOs. The future of your RTO – in fact your entire training business – is constantly dependent on the success of your next audit.

Yet, surprisingly, ASQA reports that only 1 in 5 RTOs is fully compliant at the time of audit and almost 1 in 3 RTOs is still not compliant after completing rectifications!

In today’s fast-paced VET industry, successful RTOs know that ensuring 100% compliance is the key to securing your training business long term. Increasing compliance requirements in the Standards for RTOs, and stricter penalties for non-compliance mean it is now, more than ever before, critical you keep up with your compliance obligations. Fortunately, ensuring your RTO is compliant and is ready for audit doesn’t have to be a painful process.

Contact 360RTO Solutions to Prepare Your RTO for Audit and Receive:

  • A Complete Audit Against All Clauses of the Latest Standards for RTOs (or other regulatory framework)
  • Onsite Visit or Live, Web Audit with an experienced 360RTO auditor
  • Pre-Audit Coaching and “Practice Run” to Train and Prepare your Key Staff for an Audit
  • A Review of Your Training and Assessment Strategy and Trainer Profiles
  • A Review of Your Policies, Procedures, Ongoing Compliance, and Quality Assurance Documents
  • A Full Audit Report with Rectification Recommendations to Ensure Compliance

360RTO provides on-site RTO audit services to capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth – and remote (online) audits anywhere in Australia. Your RTO is unique, so we will customise your Audit services to your specific needs upon your request. Contact us today at 1300 657 511 or enquire now to discuss your requirements and design a service to meet your RTO’s needs.

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360RTO provides RTO registration services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Australia-wide. Our registration services are also qualified for areas such as Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Tasmania (TAS), and Western Australia (WA). Contact us today at 1300 657 511 or enquire now to get full details and get your RTO registration started!

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