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CRICOS Training Space Assistance

Looking for 9b approved premises for lease, or a CRICOS training space for rent to conduct face-to-face classes of your CRICOS RTO? 360RTO Solutions is now in partnership with Australia’s top educational venue consultants to help you locate a 9b compliant training room or building for your training organisation.

Whether you need separate training rooms for hire, or an entire floor of multiple classrooms for rent – our expert CRICOS venue consultant partners specialise in educational real estate and are able to find the right educational premises to meet your vision for success.

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Why You Need CRICOS Venue Support?

1. Huge Database of 9B-Compliant Venues

Our CRICOS training space partners specialise in educational premises providing you with exclusive access to thousands of training venues inaccessible to the open market.

2. Better Deals for CRICOS Training Locations

To your advantage, our partner CRICOS venue consultants manage all negotiations and arrangements allowing you to quickly compare available options and secure the best deal for your CRICOS training organisation.

3. More Options for Your Unique Scenario

CRICOS training venue specialists work to ensure you have the best suitable options for every stage of your CRICOS RTO – be it a startup or expansion – through 9b approved space sharing, licence agreements, and proactive commercial leases.

4. Quality Support from CRICOS Venue Experts

From the moment you engage with our training space partners’ services, conducting your bespoke venue tender, through to start of training – your CRICOS venue specialists are there every step of the way. This high quality support includes managing ongoing bookings and conducting annual reviews of your educational space so you can focus on the success of your CRICOS RTO.


9B Compliant Venue Support for CRICOS

CRICOS training venue hire assistance is available as a standalone service, and is also frequently included as part of our CRICOS Registration Services. Our CRICOS venue partners can also help you with consulting and support in finding:

  • 9B compliant classroom space for rent
  • training rooms to hire for CRICOS face-to-face classes
  • CRICOS-ready training spaces for lease
  • 9b approved educational premises/buildings for your CRICOS RTO expansion
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CRICOS Training Space Assistance!

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Contact us today and locate your 9b educational space ready for your CRICOS RTO now.

360RTO Solutions’ venue consultant partners provide CRICOS Training Space Assistance in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Australia-wide. Contact us today at 1300 657 511 or send us an enquiry now to know more!

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