RTO Consultant, Consultancy, and RTO Audit Services

Looking for RTO consulting services in Australia? Get assistance from expert RTO consultants in any area of RTO operations – advice about Standards for Training Organisations, audit advice and services, initial RTO registration, RTO-specific policies and procedures, RTO re-registration, extensions to scope, RTO compliance, and validation.

We have many years of expertise in RTO management, earned through owning and operating our own very successful RTOs. We can help you effectively manage any area of your RTO’s operations and compliance too.

Why Use Our RTO Consulting Services?

Your RTO’s compliance can never be taken lightly. ASQA’s fees have increased exponentially, while their compliance standards for RTOs become increasingly strict and difficult to maintain. Take shortcuts and you can lose your registration, your business, even your life-savings. Being compliant is super expensive!

Fortunately, 360RTO Solution’s RTO consulting services will help you with all aspects of RTO operations and compliance, including initial RTO registration, ongoing compliance requirements, audits and much more. Get no hassle, managed RTO compliance from RTO management experts – for HALF the cost of other RTO consulting companies!

RTO consultant services available include:

Starting up your own RTO is a massively complicated and challenging task – we know, we’ve done it quite a times over the years! Get expert consulting services from 360RTO Solutions to make the process as smooth as possible.

Best done as part of a larger pre- and post-audit services package so we are familiar with your processes, systems and resources before you receive a tight 20 day deadline to complete your audit rectifications!

Third party resource validation through RTO consultants will not only save you time, it will look good at your next audit and may even be necessary for you to maintain compliance. Learn more now!

Let us assist with your registration, post-registration or re-registration audits. Get everything from advice to rectifications here.

Not sure of your obligations under the NVR Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and other relevant legislation? Get advice and support from an experienced RTO consultant on all compliance related matters.

Need a business plan for your RTO re-registration? Not sure of strategies and approaches to RTO management? Contact us for assistance.

We can provide all services needed for extensions to scope, including writing your initial units and full qualifications, preparing your TAS and completing your application.

Get a complete set of RTO specific policies and procedures, ready to go, that will save you weeks of work.

360RTO provides RTO consultant services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Australia-wide.

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