Digital Training Materials for Your RTO’s LMS

Most RTOs nowadays use their own learning management system (LMS) to make learning easier for their students.  One of the many benefits of an LMS is that RTOs can easily upload their learning resources so that their students have a one-stop hub where they can access their course materials.

360RTO’s various learning resource publisher partners are continuously developing a wide range of e-learning resources for the VET industry to make it easier for all RTOs to integrate their training materials.

If you already have your own LMS, there are various multimedia resources and assessments that you can directly use.

If you are planning on launching your own LMS, various publishers now provide an LMS solution that allows for a hassle-free set-up and includes access to hundreds of qualifications and units of competency.

The e-learning resources are compatible with various platforms and have been designed to make sure that learning sticks.  You can train as many students as possible within your RTO with available options for an unlimited-access one-time licence fee.

If you would like more information of some of our recommended e-learning resources, call us at 1300 657 511 or fill out the form below.

The above information is to provide information about learning resources sold within Australia.At the time of viewing, this learning resource may or may not be available through 360RTO Solutions directly and/or one of our Learning Resource Publishing Partners depending on the time of enquiry, and is subject to availability. 

On occasion, 360RTO Solutions reaches out to Australian learning resource publishers to negotiate and procure various learning resources.

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