Training and Assessment Resource Updates & Course Transitions

After the unprecedented number of training package updates in the last few years, you no doubt have a number of superseded training and assessment resources that you need to replace. Rather than throw out perfectly good (but superseded) training delivery tools, 360RTO Solutions will redevelop and update them in line with the latest training package requirements so you have AQTF compliant resources again. You can potentially save a fortune compared to replacing your current resources with all-new learning tools, while still maintaining compliance.

Course Updates

Vocational Course Transitions

Many RTOs are struggling with the constant stream of training package updates released over the last few years. It’s frustrating to purchase training and assessment resources written for the “brand new” training package, only to have them superseded by another new package a year later. All is not lost though. In many cases, you can salvage your expensive training and assessment resource investment with a little redevelopment and rewriting work.

Even if you have your own development team, 360RTO Solution’s experienced developers can help you get through the massive queue of resource redevelopment work many RTOs are struggling to complete. Make sure your RTO is able to meet your teach-out period deadlines, or you can even aim to be one of the first to market with the latest versions of the qualifications .

Training Resource Upgrades & Updates

You don’t need to wait for a new training package to update and upgrade your resources!

It’s important for your organisation’s customer satisfaction and reputation management to deliver up to date learning and training materials to your students. No matter how good your training and assessment resources were when first written, time will wear them down. Websites change or shut down breaking all your links. Laws are updated, replaced or repealed, making your carefully written and referenced learner guides redundant.

Having 360RTO Solution’s experienced development team validate and update your resources is the perfect way to ensure your resources deliver the knowledge required and the experience your students expect of a reputable RTO. We will identify and bridge any skill gaps that might exist in your resources, research and update information in your learner guides, perform rewrites where required and return up-to-date training tools to your RTO or TAFE.

Training resource updates are ideal in the lead up to audit since you will receive valuable third party validation as part of the update process, and be able to demonstrate currency in your training and assessment materials. This service is ideal when bundled with our other compliance and audit services.

Training Resource Update & Course Transition Pricing & Delivery

Resource updates and course transitions are billed on an hourly basis. Since training resources vary so widely in quality and length, and every training package update is different, it’s difficult to provide an estimate of the time involved until we have completed validation of your current resources.

Make sure to contact us as early as possible to schedule your course transitions and resource updates. Our high-demand development services are often booked up months in advance when new training packages are released, so it is particularly important to lock in early if you have audit or teach-out deadlines you need to meet. Click the “Enquire Now” button to contact us about your development needs today.

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