Units of Competency, Skill Sets and “Soft Skills” Training & Assessment Resources

360RTO Solutions are experts in developing Australian Qualifications Training Framework compliant units of competency and skill sets for Australian Registered Training Organisations and TAFEs. Get quality VET training and assessment resources written for your RTO so you can expand your scope of training and capture new market opportunities.

Units of Competency and Skill Sets

Unit of Competency Training and Assessment Resource Development

There are many situations where training and assessment resource for a single unit of competency is all you need, such as:

  • Adding new elective unit options to your current courses.
  • Fulfilling market demand for particular units and skill sets – for example the TAELLN411 unit or First Aid units.
  • Replacing superseded units, or units that have been removed from your qualifications in the latest training package update.

360RTO Solutions can write assessment tools, assessor guides, and/or learner guides for any unit of competency depending on your resource development needs.

TAELLN411 Unit Case Study

In many situations, a single unit of competency is all you need.

360RTO Solutions was able to deliver training and assessment resources for the new TAELLN411 unit to an RTO client in late 2013 before many other RTOs had fully considered the proposed changes to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.

Our RTO client was able to charge up to $390 for 1 day workshop delivery,or $290 for online delivery, for this single unit of competency. Since there were so few RTOs delivering the unit, our RTO client was able to win multiple corporate training contracts worth thousands of dollars for on site delivery of the unit.

With a little bit of marketing nouse, the RTO grossed tens of thousands of dollars in training sales in just a couple of months off this one unit, easily recouping the development investment and clearing a solid profit for the business.

In contrast, today RTOs are charging less than $100 for online delivery of this unit, AND competing with many more training organisations for a slice of the market. A well timed investment in unit development can be a massive windfall for your RTO.

Training and Assessment Resource “Skill Set” Development

The Training Package Development Handbook defines Skill Sets as ‘single units of competency, or combinations of units of competency from an endorsed training package, which link to a licence or regulatory requirement, or defined industry need’.

Contracting 360RTO Solutions to develop skill set training and delivery tools allows your training organisation you to fulfil niche industry training demands. For example, when you have corporate clients that need their workforce to develop a particular set of competencies, but doesn’t require a full nationally recognised and accredited vocational qualification.

Skill sets allow you to deliver a faster, lighter training product that fulfils your clients needs, and do it for less than your competition can afford to quote if they are stuck offering full qualification delivery.

“Soft Skill” Course Development

Vocational course design principles can be applied to a huge range of training needs. 360RTO Solutions can create customised training and delivery tools for “soft skill” courses. These are perfect to deliver as professional development activities within your own training organisation or business, or to offer to your clients.

Take advantage of our expertise in course design and writing to get the training and assessment resources you need to deliver your soft skills courses. Soft skill training resources can cover a huge range of topics, such as problem solving, motivating, delegating, negotiating, teaching, even participating in a multicultural workforce.

As non-accredited training programs, there is far more freedom to write the resource exactly as you want it, without having to comply with training package or compliance requirements.

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