VET Course Training and Assessment Resource Development Services

360RTO Solutions are experts in developing Certificate and Diploma-level Vocational Education and Training (VET) learning and teaching resources in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) for Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) institutions including TAFE and RTOs. Our course developers will design and write original training and assessment resources to your RTO’s specifications, including full AQTF Certificate and Diploma qualifications, accredited courses, soft skill sets and units of competency.


We know you can’t afford to risk your entire Registered Training Organisation and training business, maybe your entire life’s work and financial future, on some shoddy training and assessment tools bought from the lowest bidder for a pittance.

From the moment we start work on your new learning and teaching resources, our goal is always to create quality, AQTF compliant training and assessment resources. These training and assessment tools are designed to be amazingly easy for your trainers and students to use every day, but will also stand up to intense scrutiny and be fully compliant at audit.

The 360RTO resource development team is intimately familiar with writing Certificate and Diploma training tools to comply with the latest Standards for Training Packages endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) in late 2012. We have now written multiple complete new AQTF qualifications from scratch to meet these standards, and redeveloped many superseded training resources to be compliant with the latest training package requirements.

Even if you have your own development team, use our developers to increase your development capacity and take advantage of their experience and expertise. With our help, you can easily keep up with the latest changes to training package requirements, or create additional training and assessment resources so that your training organisation can launch more courses, faster.

Contact us today to order quality training and assessment resources developed with industry consultation and incorporating premium features like:

  • Scaffolding learning activities to make learning easier for your students
  • Complete benchmark answers for your trainers to assess against
  • Mapping documents to show auditors where all the training package requirements are met
  • Unit clustering to save on training delivery and assessment, plus provide a better learning experience

Course writing & development services includes:

Full Course Training and Assessment Resource Development

Get a complete new qualification written from scratch, incorporating the exact units of competency and design features you want. Click the link or enquire now for more information.

Individual Units of Competency & Soft Skill Courses

Just need a single unit of competency or skill set developed to plug a gap in your training, or fill a market niche? Too easy. Click the link or enquire now for more information.

VET Qualification Resource Updates & Course Transitions

Rather than throw out perfectly good (but superseded) training and assessment resources, we can save you a fortune on new resources by modifying your old ones to meet the latest training package requirements. Click the link or enquire now for more information.

Clustered Course & Training Resource Design

Modular training resource design is amazing if you’re responsible for planning and managing a huge database of qualifications spanning dozens of industries. It’s terrible if you’re a student trying to complete your course and gain your qualification as quickly as possible.

Duplication of learning and assessment tasks in training resources is one of the most common complaints we’ve heard from vocational students. It’s annoying, slows them down, and often deters them from ever completing their course which is bad for your RTO’s KPIs.

Fortunately, the 360RTO Solutions training and assessment resources development team is experienced in writing clustered qualifications. These are vocational education and training resources that combine two or more closely-related units of competency into a single workbook. Identical skills and competencies are only delivered once and assessed once, potentially saving dozens of hours of work.

With your new clustered course materials, it’s possible to:

  • Reduce the total amount of learning and assessment tasks your students must complete
  • Reduce the amount of assessments your trainers must assess (save time and $$$)
  • Receive your training and assessment resources sooner because they’re quicker to write too!

Delivery Time Frames

We understand that you may be working to strict teach-out period deadlines or need to launch new qualifications to ensure the long term viability of your training organisation. The team works fast, and one of our experienced course developers can deliver a single unit of competency in as little as 3 weeks, or a fully clustered, 9 unit qualification in approximately 3 months.

However, we need to add your development projects to our timetable today to ensure we have the right people available to create your training and assessment materials at the right time. It’s important to contact us today to ensure we have developers available to work on your project and so you can lock in the course resource development schedule your training organisation needs.

Licensing & Pricing

Exclusive Ownership of Training and Assessment Resources

The exclusive ownership model allows you to retain all rights to your new training and assessment resources yourself. This is perfect if you want to maintain a monopoly on quality training in your industry vertical.

Shared Ownership of Training and Assessment Resources

You will have normal ownership and usage rights for your new training and assessment resources, and we also retain the rights to modify and use the resources for our own purposes. This allows you to get the training tools you need at substantially reduced cost.

Staged Payments

It’s easy to afford your resources with a staged payment plan! Pay only on completion of development goals on the way to getting your fully developed training materials.

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