Remaining compliant with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and other pertinent Commonwealth, State, and Territory legislation is crucial for maintaining registration as an RTO in Australia.

As mandated by the Standards for RTOs 2015 (Standard 8.4), all Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of RTOs must submit an annual declaration on their RTO’s compliance with the Standards to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This declaration plays a vital role in identifying potential risks to the quality of vocational education and training (VET) delivery and serves as an integral part of the regulatory framework.

Understanding the Annual Declaration on Compliance

The Annual Declaration on Compliance is a formal statement provided by the CEO of an RTO to ASQA, confirming that the RTO is compliant with the Standards for RTOs and other relevant legislation. Submission of this declaration is required annually to maintain RTO registration.

Requirements for the Annual Declaration

In the Annual Declaration, the RTO CEO must confirm:

  • Systematic monitoring of compliance with the Standards for RTOs and other relevant legislation, such as training and assessment strategies and the VET Quality Framework.
  • Implementation of preventive and corrective actions as needed, using tools like the self-assessment tool.

Note that reporting self-identified non-compliance will not automatically prompt a regulatory response from ASQA. The focus is on the self-assessment process undertaken and the actions taken by the RTO to address non-compliances.

Significance and Benefits of the Annual Declaration

The Annual Declaration on Compliance is essential for maintaining RTO registration. Benefits of submitting the declaration include demonstrating commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring transparency, building trust, staying informed about updates, and contributing to a skilled workforce.

Implementing Internal and External Audits

Conducting internal and external audits proactively ensures compliance with the Standards for RTOs and other relevant legislation. Internal audits play a significant role in maintaining compliance, while external audits offer several advantages, including unbiased assessments and expert advice.


The Annual Declaration on Compliance is a crucial component of the regulatory framework for RTOs in Australia. Proactively conducting internal and external audits ensures compliance with the Standards for RTOs and other relevant legislation. By adhering to regulatory requirements and delivering high-quality VET services, RTOs contribute to the development of a skilled and capable workforce.

Take Action to Ensure Compliance

Secure your RTO’s compliance by conducting internal and external audits. Contact professional external audit services to help pinpoint potential areas of non-compliance and implement corrective action before submitting the Annual Declaration on Compliance.

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